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Seaside Medical Billing

Precise Third Party Billing

Electronic Claim Submission • Patient Statements • Monthly Reporting • Overdue Balance Follow-up • Continuous Monitoring

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Massachusetts Precise Third Party Medical Billing

“...Seaside helped us navigate through some rough waters of healthcare reimbursements graciously and successfully, with experienced professionalism and equanimity...”
—Katherine Murray-Leisure, M.D.

Our Services

We are a family owned and operated billing service that has been offering our clients precise and accurate third party billing for more than fifteen years. Our services include electronic claim submission with clean clean scrubbing, patient statements, follow up letters to patients with overdue balances, customized monthly reporting, and continuous monitoring of unpaid or denied claims.

Additionally, we interact daily with your staff and work together to ensure we have all the data needed to get you paid as quickly as possible. Our experienced billing team will follow up aggressively with unpaid and denied claims. We use the industry’s leading software ADP’s AdvancedMD. This all inclusive billing program gives a us true advantage over other medical billing services. We can interface with your EHR or you can securely log into our system to access patient billing records. We know you’ll enjoy working with us just like our clients do because we have the knowledge and experience to keep your practice financially successful.